Last weekend I DJ’d in Jersey Friday 15th March and in Fife Saturday 16th March. As you may know I’ve had a quiet start to the year due to the total knee replacement surgery I had in early January, but I’ve made such great progress that I was able to ditch my crutch a while ago and get back behind the wheel of a car too. This means that I only need a stool to occasionally perch on while DJing to take the weight off of my right knee.

With original Haçienda DJ and old friend Jon Dasilva ahead of the gig at Rojo

First up on Friday was Rojo in Jersey with Jon Dasilva which was rescheduled from last December when neither of us could get there due to fog closing the airport. I’ve visited Jersey many times since the early 90s and have some great memories which several people were happy to remind me about. I played at Rojo last summer and I absolutely love this club. Jon played first and set the crowd up beautifully before I took to the decks to close the night. Another great vibe and atmosphere in the Channel Islands as everyone went wild to an eclectic selection of house tunes from the past, present and future. Jon and I had a great time on the island thanks to the promoter’s wonderful hospitality and it was fun catching up with everyone. One person I never expected to see was Kelvin Andrews of Sure Is Pure, Soul Mekanik and Candy Flip fame. Quite randomly he was in Jersey making a radio documentary about the Nazi occupation of the island 50 years ago. It was great to catch up. I’ll be back soon as discussions are already taking place to bring my Long Live House night to Rojo.

Listen to my DJ set from Rojo here: This Is Graeme Park Rojo Jersey 15MAR19

Kelvin Andrews of Sure Is Pure fame randomly turns up in Jersey

The following night I caught the train to Kirkcaldy to DJ alongside my wee brother Scott Park at The Steadings in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Kirkcaldy is where I went to school and my mum used to work in The Steadings when I was a kid. I have played there before and like last time this was an intimate affair full of people I know going mental to house music. And, like last time, the promoter commissioned local artist Justin Robertson to paint a portrait of me and my wife Jenny. An unexpected and welcome surprise. You can hear the massive tunes I played over the coming weeks as I feature my DJ set from Kirkcaldy in my weekly Long Live House radio show. Oh, and a big shout to my mum and dad for letting me stay in the spare room. I felt like a teenager when I crept in at 2am and was chuffed to find a hot water bottle in my bed.

I had fun DJing with my wee brother Scott in Kirkcaldy

My next gig is a private event in London which you can’t come to unless you’re invited, but you can catch me live in a club in the coming weeks and months in the Lake District, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, Newquay and Manchester before this year’s Haçienda Classical tour kicks off in Scarborough in June. Full details of all of my forthcoming gigs and shows here: Graeme Park Gigs

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Fife artist Justin Robertson unveils his painting of me and my wife Jenny