For those of you who listen to my weekly Long Live House Radio Shows and live DJ sets on Mixcloud, I’m making some changes. You can now become a Mixcloud Select subscriber and access exclusive content for just £2.99 per month. From now on my live DJ sets will be exclusively available to Mixcloud Select subscribers and I’ll also be posting a weekly Long Live House DJ Mix every Monday.

First up is my DJ set from last Sunday’s superb Blue Collar Disco x Back In The Day night at The Exchange which is available now. My first weekly Long Live House DJ Mix will appear this Monday 2nd September.

My weekly Long Live House Radio Show will still be available every Friday for free but by subscribing to Mixcloud Select all of the artists featured in my exclusive mixes and DJ sets will get royalties and get paid which can only be a good thing.

According to Mixcloud “as the world changes, and how people consume culture shifts, the music industry must keep adapting and innovating to ensure artists and songwriters get paid for their work. When you stream any show on Mixcloud, the underlying tracks are identified through audio fingerprinting technology, so that we can pay royalty fees to the relevant rightsholders. Since we started building this platform, the royalty costs we pay for every person who listens for free have steadily risen. Today, the revenue that we make from advertising simply doesn’t come close to covering these costs. If you, like us, want to see this platform continue to exist for the next decade, then we need more people to subscribe to their favorite channel by subscribing directly to Mixcloud Select, for a flexible monthly price set by the creator from $2.99”

Mixcloud Select also lets you listen offline by downloading rather than streaming, but best of all the artists I feature will get paid the royalties they deserve for making you and me smile with their wonderful tunes.

For more details visit my Mixcloud Select profile here: Graeme Park Mixcloud Select

Listen to my DJ set from Blue Collar Disco x Back In The Day here: Blue Collar Disco x Back In The Day 25AUG19 Live DJ Set